Subblades with GRBw blade and GRB pixel in crystal chamber

Wondering if its possible to set up a sub blade define for a single neo in a crystal chamber, but with a GRBw main blade. Essentially I have a single neo for the crystal chamber, with a data in/out up to the main blade. The main blade is a GRBw from Saber Trade.

Different byte orders can’t be combined on the same data line… yet.

Key takeaway: “The byte orders with a capital W will use both RGB AND W LEDs for white colors, while byte orders with lower-case w will turn on only the white LEDs for white colors. Thus RGBw is more power efficient than RGBW, but not as bright.”

so if you use GRBW it seems it would look the same on the non-W LED, so set both to that and you’re good?

YUP! thanks @NoSloppy - changing to an upper case ‘W’ did it!

Wouldn’t that cause an off-by-one in the bytes?
The RGB led would only eat 3 bytes after all.
let me illustrate: (The | are here to show the borders between pixels)

What is sent: G R B W|G R B W|G R B W|....
Received    : G R B|W G R B|W G R B|....

So the “W” that is meant for the next pixel gets picked up by the previous pixel.
This might not make a huge difference for most colors, but it may look weird in some cases.

I think the key that lets this “work” in this case is the fact it’s only one pixel, so the extra w just goes poof

Why would the W just go poof?

I forgot the question mark. That was actually the question, if it just gets ignored.

I don’t think it it does get ignored.

I suppose I read your example as this:

What is sent: G R B W
Received    : G R B

so it gets what it needs to work, and no harm - no foul that the w “falls off” as unreceived. ?

That would be true if there was only one pixel in the string.
But since there are more, the W becomes the first byte for the next pixel…

That was actually the point. There is only one GRB for the crystal as the first pixel in the serial chain.

But there is another pixel after it, right?

Oh oh haha. Right, of course
So maybe the subsequent pixels don’t act differently receiving WGRB instead of
GRBW so it looks normal?
I don’t propose to know how the data transmission actually works.

I think they would though. The bytes would be all shifted around.
Unless we’re just sending white, in which would always look the same regardless…