Subblade example in POD - bladePowerPin5?

The example given of 1 pixel accent followed by the 134 pixel blade in series is:

BladeConfig blades[] = {
  { 0,
    SubBlade(1, 134, WS281XBladePtr<135, bladePin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3, bladePowerPin5>>()),	
    SubBlade(0, 0, NULL),

Is there a reason the bladePowerPin5 is present? Better current distribution?

I can see its use for a CC pixel as a seperate blade (not in that place in the code).

Pin5 is providing the power to the single pixel, Pin2 and Pin3 for the main blade. The SubBlade is dividing the data up since they are shared but you’d only wire Pin5 power to the single pixel.

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It makes the example more confusing than it needs to be though.
There is no need to allocate a whole LED pad for the single pixel.
Might be better to create an example for an illuminated pogo pin board.

Student feedback request: Can we remove that from the example? It also seemed to confuse the droid backpack builder when he made a blade array from the sample.

The POD is fully editable, like a Wiki, but through Github.
(Click the pencil icon at the top of the page you’d like to edit.)
You can make a Pull Request to have a review of your changes.

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Out of interest, if you went with that blade array as shown above, would that count as a shared power pin? i.e. Would you need the Shared Power Pins define? My guess is not as you’re only using one data line, but I’m curious to know for certain.

from my understanding no as its effectively already “shared” as a SubBlade since you only define the powerpins as part of the first part of a subBlade definition.

if you had a separate accent pixel running off a different data pin but that also used bladePowerPin2, 3 or 5 you would need the shared power pins define

Ok, I just tried to make an edit and a PR and hope I followed the steps correctly. Thanks!

LGTM, merged

Sweet! Thanks!