Style Editor Feature Request

I use this to preview style code, and see how it behaves, it’s very useful.

However, I found something lacking (Or I don’t see it). When I want to see how BladeAngle, TwistAngle, SwingSpeed, etc, effect the way the style looks, I can’t see any way to set those.

Fett263’s Style Builder OS7 Library, when you select “Main Blade” the top of that window has sliders that let you set all of these values to see how they look. But the style library doesn’t let you just inject your own code to preview it.

Can these sliders be added to the Style Editor page, so we can better see how they effect our styles?

BladeAngle and SwingSpeed can be changed by moving the mouse around over the image.

TwistAngle just moves up and down slowly I think.

hm, hard to see how it looks with swingSpeed while flicking it around, mostly see the butt end of the Handle. I’m mostly interesting in seeing the min/max speed settings, for calibrating scale ranges.

The GitHub master for the style editor (while it doesn’t have what you want…) has some neat updates. As far as I know it’s technically in development, but… dark mode.

Actually a “Simulate Swing” button option would be sweet so long as people get that it won’t actually have the blade move but it will show how an effect plays with the blade in a viewed as-stable position.

The Github version already have some settings for this.

I know, been on it since @NoSloppy suggested trying it out a ways back. :wink:

You can toggle off Disable Mouse Swings and while the motion stops, the swings and stuff you are talking about all still show on the blade.