Style Editor Beta updated for ProffieOS 7.x

Ok, I think I might have added all the 7.x features to the Style Editor.

I put the updated style editor on the beta url here:

In addition, this style style editor keeps comments and has a bunch of minor bugfixes. Please try it and report any problems you find here.


Delay for Trigger<> PR #47 is still pending.
a few others too, not sure you want them.

A few pieces missing, when you get a chance:

TrConcat<> update - no COLOR needed
LockupTrL<> update - CONDITION added (affects Responsive Effects as well)

Ok, TrConcat, TransitionPluseL and LockupTrl CONDITION has been added, along with a few bugfixes.

I’ve inadvertently ended up with a speeder and a blaster.

      <div id=TABS>
        <div id=TABLINKS class=tab></div>
        <div id=TABBODIES class=tabcontainer></div>

    <td class="page-right">
      <div id="structured-view">
        <b>Structured view, click to edit</b>
        <div id=pp></div>


@profezzorn I might have found a glitch. When clicking on a blue highlighted bladestyle within a post the result from the Style Editor page comes up as “File exists, but access forbidden by user” Device is a 2023 Dell Optiflex 3000 fully updated and running Google’s Chrome browser. All cookies etc were cleared and it persists. I also see it happen w both MacBooks whether it’s Safari or Chrome.

A quick example would be WIPs: Modding various Fett263 bladestyles - #40 by Revo but it still does this with other posted bladestyles.

*Just copied the code and instead cut and pasted to the Style Editor page and hit submit and power and it works fine. Maybe something to do with how The Crucible is opening the new page(s)?

UPDATE: Works now. Thx for fixing it. :+1:

Didn’t change anything; you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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When you get back and there’s time can we explore the idea of a DarkMode for the StyleEditor?

I know I’d appreciate the option as everything else I run is DarkMode.

Pretty sure @NoSloppy is already doing that. :slight_smile: