Stuff in my drawers

This is a bit off topic, but I have an urge to show off some of the stuff in my drawers.


I now have a need to organize all my headers and connectors into bins just like this.

They’re currently in baggies inside a marked tote called “Saber Parts”

Battery drawer

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I recycled a filament spool for my components. Much like Formori, they were all in baggies and in a canister before :rofl:

I don’t suppose that’s stackable and spinable?
Although I do like my plano storage boxes…

That’s so cool! smart.

As stackable as filament spools I suppose. Spinning, on the other hand, would need a lazy susan as a base. I just really like it because the designer created different size drawers with different number of partitions. Modular Filament Spool Drawer - storage box by MistrYpsilon - Thingiverse

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I read this with a very different thing in mind. #dirtymind :rofl:

Buttons, pots and encoders…

For tonight’s installment of “stuff in my drawers”, we proudly present: Wires!

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Based on the title, this was a risky click.


I don’t have anywhere near the amount of supplies but they’re either in Plano boxes or a drawer organizer for small electronics with all my other crap. I’m in the process of reorganizing my workshop now so this is all changing as I move things around.

Loving the spool sorter, that looks cool for an organizer!

Grips, crystals, greeblies and recharge ports…

When i read the title…i immediately thought to myself before clicking it…" oh please dont let him be talking about underwear…keep your drawers on, keep your drawers on…"

(CLICKED LINK) …“whew!”

A little suspense is good for you. :slight_smile:

BAHAHAHA, YOU’RE funny, however, in europe and australia drawers is not synonymous with underwear.

I can honestly say that i feel very intimidated by the fact that all of you seem to be super organised!
if you saw what was in my shoe boxes i think most of you would cry :joy:
when i finally get round to removing the wife’s stuff from my garage / workshop she can have her dinning room back :rofl:

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Oh I have plenty of unorganized stuff too, but I’m not showing that off… :slight_smile:

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After a while I had to get something to get me a bit better organised so I got one of these.

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