"Struggling to render..." Popup in StyleEditor

Occasionally I get a popup in the middle of the screen saying “Struggling to render…” and that I should goto a simpler model. Why does this happen? *It sometimes shows more if using the DarkMode setting just above Tool Tips. Also my network is a great speed if that’s a factor.

For example I’d consider this to be a relatively simple model but I’m open to learning more.


The page doesn’t require an internet connection, so that’s not an issue.

Swinging the saber around and everything on my computer (with that specific bladestyle), CPU usage only goes up to ~10% (including other apps open), but WebGL is a rather heavy framework, and it’s possible your computer is struggling with it. I don’t get the “Struggling to render” message.

Also tried enabling dark mode and it’s rendering it just fine, so I don’t think it’s an (at least not obvious) issue with the page itself.

What browser are you using? If you watch Task Manager (Resource Monitor) while using the Style Editor do you see spikes?

My Specs

CPU: Ryzen 7 6800 (using iGPU, dGPU disabled)
OS: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Browser: Firefox 123.0

First of all, you’re using the github version, which doesn’t have any guarantees of stability.

That said, the “struggling to render” is based on frame rate. However, I think the determination needs to be a bit smarter, because when you make changes to a style there is a whole lot of javascript and parsing going on, and that can reduce the frame rate, which in turn triggers this warning. Ideally the slowdowns caused by javascript shouldn’t trigger the simpler model.

Here I get to eat my words :sweat_smile:.

Managed to trigger the message/switch by leaving it in the background and coming back to it :rofl: (that’s likely just the browser limiting the tab resources… but still maybe something worth noting with regards to @profezzorn saying the detection should be smarter…)

FYI It’s only “struggling to render” the fancy Graflex hilt, not the blade style.

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@ryryog25 Safari or Chrome and no worries. At least someone else saw it show up.
@profezzorn That makes sense.
@NoSloppy Ahhhh!! That’s what it was trying to say before it blipped out, thanks.

EndTopic. :smiley: