Strobe not...behaving?

TL;DR Wondering if there’s a bug in Strobe possibly?
I’m seeing results as if the strobe’s frequency is much higher that it is (only Int<2> for occasional bursts). Oddly, decreasing it to Int<1> makes it worse (more frequent, like constant) opposite of what it should be doing. Higher numbers do seem to space out the times it “locks up” constant flashing, but it still does it.
See video for details.

I suspect that the problem is that your random will actually return 0 sometimes.
The Strobe style evaluates 1000 / frequency internally, which yields a division by zero, which is handled very differently by C++ and javascript.

If you make it go from Int<1> to Int<2>, does it work better?

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Ah…zero divisions. Good point. I’ll try it when I get back in a week. Thanks.

It does, but doesn’t seem random enough.
I’m going with the transition loop instead for now, thanks.