Stopping hum when using force effect

I’m in the process of creating a bladestyle which turns off, flickers and then turns back on again when using the force effect, kind of like a faulty blade that glitches then restarts. Since this is just a force effect, the hum continues playing, which of course doesn’t fit the turned off/glitching blade. Is there any way to stop the hum while the force effect and force.wav are playing?

You’d need to do some fooling around with code to do this, as the standard use has hum maintained throughout the blade being on,
My prop file saber_BC_buttons allows for this, using a custom sound for force called monosfx.wav.
It plays the sound monophonically, so there’s no hum layered underneath.
Typically, (if you want such effect) you’d edit the sound to have the hum sound fade out in the beginning, then fade back in at the end to form a seamless transition in and out of the force effect.

Awesome thank you, that sounds very good! I’ll try it out later.

It’s in addition to force sounds and effects, using EFFECT_USER2.

Another way to do this is to use alt sounds.
Your force effect could switch to another alternative, which has a silent (or glitchy) hum, and then switch back once the effect is over.

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