Still, moving, etc

I’ve had several threads start with something like:

I still have this problem…
I’m still struggling with…
I moved this thread here…

And it confounds me, because it makes me feel like I’m supposed to know about whatever has been going on with that particular topic before now. So far however, until posting about it here, it’s been a problem that I have never heard of before.

I guess I’m just curious what makes people start their threads like that.

Maybe they’re still wrapping their brains around this Crucible format? Is it a direct line to your inbox? Is it a continuation of the other TRA forum? I know you’ve clearly outlined your motivations for starting this up, but who reads anymore, right?

I guess. I just see the crucible as separate from TRA & facebook, and assuming that people who read a thread here already know what the problem is because they have read about it somewhere else just seems weird to me. (And in my case in particular, it is also wildly inaccurate since I don’t check facebook very often.)

I may be partially to blame, I’ve been advising people to come here for help but I think they’re assuming you’re “omnipresent” for all things Proffie. I’ll be a little more specific and tell them to start a “new” thread for help.

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These days, I tend to check the crucible first, TRA if I have time, and facebook if I’m bored. Since I have about a million things to do, “bored” is not a common state of mind for me.

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