Step by step for gesture controls

I recently got a Proffie saber from Sabertheory and I just wanted to add gesture controls. I’ve looked at many sites but they all kinda flew over my head with the instructions. If someone could help me in a sort of “coding for dummies” that would be great.

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Note: It uses a one-button system.

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Hi yodude48,

There’s a few things you will need in order to turn on gesture controls , but first a few house keeping notes

The moderator prefers pasting configurations within the post

When you do post it please use the three backticks before and after ensuring that they are on a newline

E.g. ```

It will look like this

The reason we need the config is so that we can identify which “Prop” file you are using.

This will determine the commands that your pwr button will use and the types of gestures you need to perform in order to achieve the desire modes available on ProffieOS v6.7.

P.S. it is quite important that if there’s any questions you have on the documentation that you ask specific questions.

I would highly recommend watching a few times the following videos.

Installation of the board and configuring the proffie

I would also take a look at megtooth siths

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Thank you. The only reason I didn’t have that was I want to make 110% sure that I won’t break something before plugging the saber in. I will keep what you said in mind for the future.

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My pleasure we’re all hear sharing our knowledge and i can appreciate that the documentation can look overwhelming. Plus not everyone is geared to learning via reading. E.g. me I’m a visual learner.

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One more thing. How do you get to the files that are already on the board? Or is that just as easy as going to the drives and selecting USB?

Sorry if that’s a dumb question. I am VERY much new to this community.

Your installer should have provided you a copy of the config.h file on your SD, if they didn’t you need to request. A config cannot be retrieved from the board after its uploaded. Your config is just a “recipe” you provide Arduino so that it can “bake” your OS onto the board :wink:.
Once you have the config you just need to change the CONFIG_PROP define to one that supports gestures and include the necessary defines to enable.

#include "../props/saber_fett263_buttons.h"

Info for setup and defines for my prop are here:

Then read through this page fully and go one-step-at-a-time and do each step exactly as explained before moving to the next. If you don’t understand a step or something doesn’t work ask about that specific step here. The first time doing anything new is the toughest, but once you’ve done one or two uploads it will make a lot more sense and be much easier.

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