Star wars vehicle flythroughs

Dude! Disney Plus. Check out this awesome 3-minute slow-mo going through millennium falcon with angles and close-ups and such cool weathering on the metal and handles and stuff so good. I guess it’s all rendered, it’s pretty amazing!

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This link doesn’t work well for me.
What is it?

Fixed the link. It’s just an image though. It’s a Disney Plus 3 minute video you need to watch on the service. It’s basically slow pans and reveal shots and close-ups of the interior and exterior of the Falcon. Looks like they’ll be doing a series on a bunch of different vehicles. There’s also a Star destroyer.

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Fantastic, I will check them out

If you have D+ it’s totally worth watching all of the flythroughs as well as the biomes. :smiley:

These vids soothed me and a whole lot of 5th graders last year. ASMR Wars :slight_smile: