Stab vs Melt color after using web USB

So I am new to proffie, but one thing I noticed that maybe someone can confirm I am not going crazy…

When I make a blade style on Fett’s os6 library, I am able to choose my stab color, but it does not give an option to change the melt, which just defaults to an orangish melt type animation when you perform a melt.

When I enter web USB, it then shows a “stab color” which shows as orange (even though when I made the style it was white)…then when I leave web USB, my stabs and melt are both orange. If I change the stab color in webUSB back to white, or any color, both the stab and melt are then that color. There is no option in web USB for the melt color I see anywhere, I think it just copies whatever the stab color is.

So for example before I use web USB my stab is white andy melt is orange…but after I use web USB both stab and melt are orange.

I tested a few times, I am able to have different color stab and melt, until I use webusb to make any edit, then my stab and melt are the same color (whatever color is under the “stab color”).

I hope I am explaining that clearly.

Not really a huge deal, but figured I would point it out.

Stab and Melt share a color Argument. Depending on the option you choose in the Library though the Melt will change color across a range based on the twist angle, duration or combination whereas Stab is a static color.

In theory, Stab is just a quick version of Melt :wink:

Thank you. I guess what thru me off is before I did any edits to my style, the stab and melt were different colors (white stab, and orange melt that would change to yellow if I rotated).

Thank you for everything you do!

The argument only comes into play when a color is edited so you can have a different Stab color to start. To be honest I never use the Stab effect personally.

It’s cool on thrust.

Never made sense to me on thrust, why would thrusting a lightsaber cause any change to blade unless it impacts something? Always seemed weird even in the CC Fork. I’m just not a fan, but to each his own.

It’s for when you’re pretend playing with a pretend laser sword that you’re stabbing a pretend enemy standing there :slight_smile:

Not “judging”, it’s just not for me. I chase a different “imaginary realism” where I want things to “really interact” with my “pretend” lazer sword so they don’t “randomly” happen during normal use. If I thrust and miss I don’t expect (nor do I want) anything to happen. But the beauty of customization is everyone can get what they want :wink:

I like it’s just another sound effect / effect option.