Squee-of-Death (High pitched sound coming from ProffieBoard)

Had a person reach out to me about a problem they are having with their two proffie sabers. I’m not sure what the problem would be. Basically what is happening is they get a high pitched ringing when using the proffie saber. The other saber that had this ringing and blew the speaker. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve heard two different things that could cause such a problem, either SD card or the config itself. My assumption is that the saber config maxed out the space on the board and the processor is having trouble keeping up.

I believe this saber was originally installed with an older OS probably 5.7. The Saber has around 34 fonts at 100% storage space.

config attached below:
tedflex.h (56.2 KB)

Is the high-pitched ringing coming from the speaker, or from the board itself?

The size of the saber config does not affect how much work the CPU has to do, so that is not the problem. SD card issues can cause problems, but that usually sounds like clicks or gaps in the audio, not high-pitch ringing.

If the sound is coming from the board itself, I would think that it’s because of a bad L1 coil.
If the sound is coming from the speaker, then it could be a variety of things, including bad speaker, bad capacitors, bad coil, bad amplifier bad booster and last but not least: fonts with ringing sounds in it.

It is coming from the speaker itself, that is why the speaker was blown on the first saber.

If you create a long wav file full of silence, use that as the track, and play it.
(So that the saber is playing only silence, no font sounds.) Does it do the high-pitch sound?
Does it do the high-pitch sound even when nothing is playing? (Saber is not ignited, no track is playing, but the saber does have battery power.)

It’s a squee-of-death. I saw the video.

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I’ll have to give that a shot once I receive the saber.

If it does have the high pitched ringing despite the audio being muted what would that mean for the board?

@Ronin_Sabers the blade freezes too, no? and the board needs to be power cycled to come back? I thought that was part of the symptoms.

If this is a squee-of-death (board becomes unresponsive, audio produces a 1kHz signal) that’s different than what I thought you were describing.

Squee-of-death are usually caused by software bugs or misconfigurations, but can also be caused by shorts, bad batteries and things plugged into the 3.3v pad.

I’m just realizing that it would be good to have a ‘squee-of-death’ example video so that people knows what that looks like.

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Well I know you hate Facebook, but here’s his post with short video:

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Yep, that’s the squee-of-death all right.
Start by upgrading from 5.7 to 5.9 or 6.5 and see if that fixes it.
If it doesn’t post your config and we’ll take a look and see if we can replicate it.

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For those who don’t know: The squee-of-death is basically the BSOD (blue-screen-of-death) of ProffieOS. It means that the OS has crashed for some reason, and all that remains is a small audio buffer repeating over and over again.

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I thought updating the OS might fix it but we’ll see when I get the saber. In the meantime if you guys wouldn’t mind looking at the config. I already attached the original config to the first post. it should be labeled Tedflex.h

Nothing obvious sticks out, but there could be a problem with a style somewhere.
If that is the case, then this problem would only occur when using that style, meaning that some presets would be fine and others would not be. If that happens, even after upgrading the OS, then I can try to replicate it on my side, then I can use a debugger to discover where the actual problem occured and fix it.

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One thing that caused it for me was having temp files on the SD that didn’t match the current bladestyle configuration. For example, I added a bladestyle, but the temp files still referenced the original number. Clearing curstate files fixed it for me.

hi Tony. I checked the config. im no expert but I saw a few things. maybe its not even related to the “noise”.

CONFIG_PROP should be:

#include “…/props/saber_fett263_buttons.h”


also this:
BladeConfig blades[] = {
{ 0, WS2811BladePtr<132, WS2811_ACTUALLY_800kHz | WS2811_GRB>(), CONFIGARRAY(presets) },
shouldn’t it be 136?

People don’t have to use the fett263 prop unless they want edit mode.

Based on what? Do you know how much pixels is in this users blade somehow?

it was only an observation, but you are the Master and Im only a padawan. I have much to learn, training and knowledge I must have.