Specific track not playing

Whever I try to play a specific track, the track won’t play, and I made sure I had everything right in my config file. The track is around five minutes long so I was wondering if there was a limit to how long the tracks can be, any other track I tried played fine.

Make sure the file is formatted correctly. It needs to be 44khz, 16-bit mono PCM wav file. Most times when someone has a track that won’t play it’s the wrong format.

To answer the original question: There is no limit other than file length limitations. Anything less than 6.5 hours should just work. (If it is in the right format.)

Might want to check what the serial monitor says, it usually prints out something helpful when a file can’t be played.

How exactly would I format an audio file?

Most people use Audacity.

Alright, I’ll try formating the file, thanks.

Formatting it worked, thanks for the help.