Speaker volume values<->levels

I forget, what is the “measurement” or correlation of the VOLUME value?
Interestingly, I just noticed that the volume on a “dark” version Smuggler’s Outpost speaker takes more to get it really going. Typically, I set volume to 1500 on a Profileboard v2.2 and it’s plenty loud with typical silver dust cover versions.
Same basic hilt design, and therefore resonance, I noticed that was just not enough so I pumped it up to 1800. Not really different. 2000, still about the same, a but louder.
Ok, caution to the wind, went to 3000…same. 4000, same. 10000 (I kid you not) … no difference still.
So some combination of Proffieboard volume values and that speaker, but there was no ceiling apparently.
Just a thing I noticed.

Volume is just a multiplier applied to the output samples.
There is a dynamic compressor before it which makes the range of input values somewhat weird.

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@NoSloppy It’s not just you. Both my upgraded chassis use the 28mm Dark SO speaker and yeah you gotta push the volume up a bit. The nice thing is the lower end response w them is so much more. When I pay “Thunderstruck” for the Party Mode blade I can feel it in the handle.