SparkTip Ignition deceleration

Hi there,
Ive been able to get the code for decelerating a standard ignition but im stuck on how to do the same with SparkTip Ignition.



Thanks for any help

All transitions use the same BendTimePowX<> function for accel/decel. If you’re having difficulty with the syntax it may be easier to wait for the Style Editor to be updated.

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You’ll want to use the X version so that you have replaceable functions.
So if you look at TrWipeSparkTipX in the current style editor, hit the expand button to break it out to it’s full form. You’ll see it’s a TrJoin running a wipe and a spark simultaneously.
The wipe time milliseconds and the Spark MS are the arguments you want to make bend time

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Just FYI- you don’t need to expand, the template handles the single input for MILLIS for you :wink:

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That’s great

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Thanks for the replies guys i think i get it :grin:

Hmm can’t get it to compile, just throws alot of errors at me
Guess I’ll have to wait for the editor to be updated

compare this to what you have

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Yeah I was way off😆 I’m not that good at coding, thanks NoSloppy!

The template for the function is
BendTimePowX<Int<MILLIS>, Int<BEND_VALUE>>

So for TrWipeInSparkTipX<White,Int<300>>
you’d just replace the Int<300> with that whole thing.

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What about the code BendTimePowInvX?
Haven’t seen that before

It’s the inverse. accel would be decel.
All can be seen in the file itself at ProffieOS/transitions/base.h

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Cool I’ll check it out😁