Spare parts shopping

so I’m on amazon and I want to get some items but I want to know if this cable is sufficient connecting the usb to my proffieboard.

my wife also told me she has magnifying visor or should I just get a microscopic camera.


It’s correct. Fragile, but will work. However, shows out of stock.
Can you get these by you?

I use a visor, and +2 basic Reading glasses.

Microscope camera sounds cool though

Oops. That’s the usb cable aaah ok. Hows it used.

Microscope is more helpful for streaming and for inspecting certain things.
A magnifying visor or stereo microscope is far more useful for doing actual work, like soldering.

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Try it and see?
L1 is relatively easy to replace if need be.

serial monitor?

No, you’ll need to play sound and/or measure the 5v pad.

So i got usb connectors i have 10.

Im gonna try attaching it to my busted saber. Gonna use a fine tip.