Spare parts shopping

so I’m on amazon and I want to get some items but I want to know if this cable is sufficient connecting the usb to my proffieboard.

my wife also told me she has magnifying visor or should I just get a microscopic camera.


It’s correct. Fragile, but will work. However, shows out of stock.
Can you get these by you?

I use a visor, and +2 basic Reading glasses.

Microscope camera sounds cool though

Oops. That’s the usb cable aaah ok. Hows it used.

Microscope is more helpful for streaming and for inspecting certain things.
A magnifying visor or stereo microscope is far more useful for doing actual work, like soldering.




Try it and see?
L1 is relatively easy to replace if need be.

serial monitor?

No, you’ll need to play sound and/or measure the 5v pad.

So i got usb connectors i have 10.

Im gonna try attaching it to my busted saber. Gonna use a fine tip.

yeah my brother bought 10 L1 coils, to arrive in december (when he comes home). I also have solder paste 30g BGA Tin Solder Paste Leaded Sn63/Pb37 Syringe Liquid Melting-Point Tool NEW | eBay I’m hoping that this and the usb connector plus the l1 coil, do I just use a soldering iron to heat up and remove the component?

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Afrojedi, Is there any update to this project?

I simply couldn’t do lightsabers or indeed anything small without my magnifier headset. (At my age, unaided close up focus is a dim and distant memory). My one has a range of lenses which you can ‘stack’ when things get really small. It’s amazing how you adapt to using it. Absolutely worth its weight in gold. :slight_smile: