Spaces in font name the config helper tool

@Fett263 I have a few questions, I’m rebuilding my config and the preset name does not support spaces, is this a limitation of the site or is it that the folders on the sd card need to be without spaces in the folder.

The preset “name” is the “message” argument at the end of the preset. It can contain anything you want, however all lowercase letters is needed due o the way the StarJedi font renders out glyphs.

{ "font", "track",
StylePtr<...blade_style_here...>(), "name" }

If you mean font folder names, that’s a different story, and I’d suggest using underscores_instead_of_spaces.

yeah I meant “font” folders. sounds great.

I’ll have a look when I get a chance, the code is meant to prevent adding bad characters, although I never have spaces in my font names.

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