Soundfonts with dynamic 'real clash' sound files?

Has anyone actually released any soundfonts that make use of the clash strength using different sounds? It’s a shame that hasn’t taken off.

@BK_Saber ?

I haven’t really spent time on this specifically. But I do know when I build clash sounds, I create a mix so some are quick and sharp, some are boomy and explosive. I guess it would come down to the user to listen to each clash and then re-order them in the clash folder to take advantage of this.

Or maybe I should stop being lazy and just put them in order in the proffie folder when creating fonts, lol

I helped a few font makers set this up, JuanSith’s Duality includes and a few more but I’ve lost track, not sure if other font makers have looked but as I work with font makers I show them or help them with this and many of the other features like alt fonts, etc. Once they see how easy it is they can then implement on their own.
It’s actually pretty simple set up I do it myself on the fonts i have, just order the clash and lockup sounds in order from “light” to “hard” or by length if you’re not wanting to listen to all of the sounds. And it has no impact on the font’s performance if a user doesn’t implement because ordering the sounds isn’t used and “random is random”.

It’s easy enough to just order them as you make them and it has no impact on users that don’t implement. :wink:

Is there something we need to do on the user side to make it work?