Soundfont track doesn't play

Hey All,

I have my single button proffie saber with @NoSloppy button prop mods.

#include "../props/saber_BC_buttons_5.9.h"

I have tested the play function and I am able to play other tracks but not this one track. when I hit the power button 4 times as suggested all it does is the av switch flashes but then doesn’t play anything.

the location of the file is tracks/filename.wav
the configuration is pointing to the correct location and the serial monitor can play_track tracks/filename.wav

I have resaved and resampled the file based on @NoSloppy advise in this thread Process on soundfont creation - #10 by NoSloppy

however it still didn’t play. what I also noticed was that when I used the Play command in the serial monitor I couldn’t turn it off it complained that it was not Riff WAV. I had to unplug the usb (safely of course)to reset the power (i don’t plug in the usb with the battery to ensure it doesn’t short).

but I’m clicking on the power 4 x short click and nothing it just beeps.

What are you processing it with, Audacity? Are you clearing the metadata tags on export? It shouldn’t really matter, but it could potentially maybe cause a hiccup?
Attach the wav here via Dropbox or something. Let’s take a look at it. Seems like a simple formatting issue since all the others work ok.

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The file could also have been corrupted or something.
If it’s not RIFF WAV, then the first 8 bytes are not correct somehow.

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I’ll delete the file and then copy it to the sdcard reader rather then the usb connection.

checked the zip file md5sum and run the following commands

open powershell.
cd /folder/name/originalfile.wav
get-filehash -algorithm md5 ./originalfile.wav

cd sdcarddrive:/tracks/file.wav
get-filehash -algorithm md5 ./file.wav

if they do['t match its corrupted.

now to test.

SUCCESS corrupted during the usb transfer. I’ll make sure sure to check the duplicates and remove those, thanks for the help.