Soundfont Capabilities and Other Questions!


finally putting my sound design skills to the test and creating a font, but I do have a few questions:

1: I know Proffies are capable of using multiple versions of the same sounds (multiple clashes, blasts, etc), but what about hums? IS there a possibility we can use multiple hums in the same font, or is that just impossible?

2: besides the creation/naming of the font directory and font files, ensuring the naming matches the blade style in the config, is there anything else formatting wise I’ll need to do? or are those the only two pieces of the puzzle?

You can have multiple hums.

Have a look though this.

  1. You can absolutely have multiple hums. The tricky part is that ProffieOS will switch to a new hum every time it loops around, so the end of each hum must cleanly join up with the beginning of all hums…
  2. There is also the config file, and the smoothswing config files which has a few parameters that can be tweaked.

Adding to this ^
… unless you use pairing for it.
ProffieOS.SFX.hum.paired=1 in the font config.ini will
loop the same hum sound until next ignition instead of randomly choosing a different file once the current hum ends.

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