Sound problem

so all of my fonts have the right sounds. like hum, smoothswing, blaster…but my new font i can’t seem to get any sound when i move my saber around? the font file i selected for it also doesnt come on? it is a wave file inside of a font folder and its name is font lol so idk whats going on? i put the config and smoothswing files in that font folder just like the rest? help please and thank you!
also if you read this fett…i was having trouble with pasting a style i made from your unstable erratic style. come to find out at the end of the code instead of having the }, it was just the comma. idk if it’ll appear like that in other peoples but i figured i’d let you know.
all other styles from you came correct so just letting you know :slight_smile:

What font is it? Where did you get it?
The config files are supposed to come with the font, so you shouldn’t have to do that manually.
What does the serial monitor say?
What does the effects command say?
How did you add the font (config file, edit mode or workbench?)

the font is pitch black-evolution from lorde blako but i got it from electrum sabers.
but to figure out why the swing aint working. i have no idea where to find these things you talk about lol…

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It’s in the Serial Monitor