Sound font makes beep noise after uploading

I upload new sound fonts to the sd card via usb-c. Only 3 sound fonts did not load. I did check config file to make sure they are on there under Preset no_blade and Preset blade. They are. Not sure what else to look for.
mysaber_config.h (325.5 KB)
update to the thread, sound fonts after Grogu are new. Only BenK and DarthV were beeping when cycling through font selection. But Bandit which was working fine is beeping as well when cycling through font selection. Any inputs?

Sounds like either you don’t have them in the right place on the SD card, or you have #define KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING active.

Beeping generally means that the font was found, but no font.wav was found in the font. Maybe the font just doesn’t have that file? Or maybe the font wasn’t completely copied to the SD card? Or maybe the SD card has become corrupted?

I checked for that and that is not there.

What font doesn’t have font.wav?

So I checked the fonts with the font wave, hope I checked it correctly. They all have the font.wave. But I did notice that once the fonts were loaded, proffie would show this message File downloaded successfully, transitioning to dfuMANIFEST state. And for some reason, I had to scan/repair the drive. Once its done, I would open the sd card folder and noticed that only the BenK folder was missing the some files but DarthV and Bandit had all the files required.

These are normal messages for successful upload to the board.

That is not normal…where did it say to do that?

I suggest you use a standalone USB SD card reader, format the drive using SdFormatter
and then copy the fonts back to the card.

I checked with the saber smith that build the saber. He said that that I can’t remove the sd card. I had asked for usb-c in the build so he had wired it to go with that method for charging/data uploads. I would go to close the folder for usb. Then eject it. Test the saber. So now some more fonts are beeping. I have a backed copy before adding new fonts and considering reformatting the sd card and reupload the fonts.

If that’s a symptom of the install and there’s no SD card access, that’s poor design.
If that’s a clause of his warranty coverage or something, that’s unacceptable in my opinion.
You can access the SD card via USB through the board, that’s fine, it’s just slower.

You need to select “eject safely” before programming the board, otherwise you risk windows corrupting the SD card. (Which might be why you’re having problems.)

Yes I do that for all usb type drives.