"Sound Font Directory Not Found"

I keep on getting the “sound font directory not found” for the fonts I have installed.
As far as I know, my files are labeled correctly, but they still aren’t being recognized.
the fonts that aren’t working are ben, third, and vader.


SD card

Because you have #define KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING active in your config.

would removing it outright fix the problem?

Removing it and reuploading would.
Removing presets.ini from the SD would also and then you wouldn’t have to upload.
Keep in mind that any edits you may have made with Edit Mode or the Proffie OS Workbench via WebUSB are saved in presets.ini, so… you might need to redo them.
If they are newly added presets, you could probably do a hybrid thing like backup presets.ini to your computer, remove from SD card.
Upload with the updated config file, do a colorchange or something just so a new presets.ini gets written.
Then copy the new presets out of that, add them into the backed up presets.ini, and replace the SD card one with the composite backup version.
Hard to word, but yeah… I think that would allow you to keep your old edits to all the presets you already had before the 3 new ones.