Sound Font Customization

What is the process of using your own sounds, and blade editor to make your own sound font?

Most people use Audacity. Save files as mono track, 16-bit PCM, 44100Hz. Tons of quick tutorials on YT for Audacity. I’m not computer savvy, and I do decent with it.

Blade styles are separate and can be downloaded from and then tweaked or changed in the blade editor if you so desire.

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Thank you for the response. How do I get the sounds into a sound font file though? Replace previous WAV with the new one from Audacity?

You can do that or just continue the number sequence if you’d rather add to than replace. Or you can just build a whole new soundfont. So if you had 10 blst.wav files, just add blst11.wav, etc. to keep adding to it.

Here’s a good resource:


thank you so much