Sound distorted in Web-USB

Not sure this is the correct place to ask this. When trying to use Web Usb edit from Fet263’s site . The sound from my saber is very distorted and quiet. I do not have the battery in the saber while doing this due my saber not having a kill switch installed . It’s and LGT core. Is this normal behavior?

Yes, that is normal.
The amplifier isn’t actually powered when running on USB power only. It still manages to make sounds, but it’s not very loud, and it’s not very clean.

Also FYI, there’s no reason you can’t leave the battery in . Connecting to USB isn’t bad for it in any way.

thanks for the prompt reply and that’s a relief was hoping I didn’t mess something up… the saber works great when on battery power

I was under the impression when connecting a micro usb to the board directly without a kill switch one could damage the board is this not correct

That is not correct. Playing it safe is always good, but the board can be powered by the USB and the battery, and even charging all at the same time safely.
A kill switch’s job is just to cut power to the board to extend storage time before the battery drains.
What you do want to avoid is inserting or removing the SD card while there’s power to the board.
That can cause SD card corruption.

I figured that with the Sd card but thanks for clarifying the kill switch function for me. If i’m going to store the saber i’ll just remove the battery then.

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