Sound Crackling Clean Up

Hello - Was hoping to get some suggestions on optimizing my sound settings. It’s not a major issue, but a couple of my sound fonts are a bit crackly with the combination of the swing and hum sounds.

I have a Proffieboard v3.9, using a 28mm Bass Speaker. The settings I currently have out of the Fett263 configuration are below:

Volume: 1500
Boot Volume: 75%
Filter Cut Off Frequency: 100Hz
Filter Order: 8

Any suggestions on what the optimal settings should be?

Alternately, would the solution be to install a better speaker? It seems the consensus is in favor of Smugglers Outpost speakers. If so, is there any reason you wouldn’t get the Smugglers Outpost S.O Darkside 28MM 3W 4OHM Extra Bass Speaker for $18.99, over the S.O Elite 28MM 2W 4OHM Bass Speaker for $15.19? I’m guessing the wattage may be an issue, albeit unlikely. I still need to verify the specs of my current speaker though.

This isn’t really something I handle or can help with. You’re probably better off asking the Sound Font category.

It could be a hardware issue, font settings issue, battery issue or something else but it wouldn’t be caused by a style or the config tool (which are where I can help).

You’ll get more attention from those who can help if you post in the Sound Font category.

I would bet it’s audio clipping on those particular fonts. In which case, you’d need to drop the offending files in Audacity to clean them up.

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Thanks - It’s a pretty standard font from BK Sabers, which I’m sure plenty of people use (the QGJ version). The hum is a bit crackly by default, but when the swing effect goes on top of it, I feel like it’s crossing from crackly hum to distortion (unless I’m just being picky). When I reduce the volume the distortion seems to go away, but I’d like to fix without reducing the overall volume if possible :innocent:

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If only one font sounds crackly but others sound fine, then the problem is with the font.
If everything sounds crackly, then it’s a hardware thing, like maybe your speaker is bad, or touching the pommel cap. Maybe your SD card needs reformatting or is not fast enough. It could be some audio component on the board. Something like that.
Do you have any audio underflows messages in Serial Monitor?


What version of Arduino, and what version of ProffieOS?

Arduino 1.8.19 and ProffieOS 7.? (Can’t quite remember where to pull it up :sweat_smile:)

Also including a clip to illustrate what I’m talking about. Maybe will clarify if I’m being picky or if the sound could stand to be cleaner.

Sounds 100% normal to me.
I mean, did you just take a listen to the files? Not sure what you’re expecting, but opening the wav files to hear them on the computer is pretty good way to familiarize yourself with what’s going on in the font.

Yeah I listened to the files, by themselves they sound fine, it just seemed like when they play on top of each other during swing, it gets a little scratchy at certain points in the hum audio. Like at the 4-5 second mark. Other sabers I’ve heard demo’d by comparison seem to sound cleaner, and I’ve heard installers talk about playing around with settings to get a clean sound (or recommend different speakers). Was wondering if that was a thing in this case. But if it sounds normal that works for me :innocent:

Yeah, I’d argue your speaker even sounds better than what I’d consider “average.”

If you’re hearing demos of soundfonts, beware that many fontmakers get the audio fed directly back into their computer for recording, so it’s a “perfect” recording, which is obviously not going to be how it sounds real world. (It’s just handy for them to give customers a “perfect” sample of the font)

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Just sounds like gritty hum to me.
One setting you can change to lower the hum in the mix when smoothswings play is in your font’s smoothsw.ini file

# What percent the hum sound will decrease as swing increases
# Default is 75.0 (value between 1 and 100)