Some glitching Proffie 2.2

I get some glitching on the ignition and in the menu. I reinstalled everything also updated my zadig driver. Updated arudino to 2.1.1. Not a huge deal. A little annoying tho. I use a 32 gb sd card. Also I use a about 83 percent full on the program. Any ideas?

You mean like lag? Almost all lag is caused by slow or corrupt SD card and there’s been an influx of underperforming SD cards since the pandemic and shortage. You want an SD with 1200 kbps and 12 simultaneous audio streams.
To check remove this define from config and upload (temporarily)


Then connect your saber to the computer and go into Tools > Serial Monitor and type ‘sdtest’ and see results.


If they are not near the 1200 kbps and 12 simultaneous audio streams, back up the SD card, then reformat to FAT32, reload and test again.
If still not up to recommended levels (or close) then you need a better SD card. This is challenging in today’s market as even some tried and true cards seem to no longer be up to spec as manufacturers scrambled to catch up I personally believe they started cutting corners and as a result a lot of cards on the shelves today are simple not equal to their pre-pandemic counterparts.
Also, be sure whenever you connect you SD to a computer that you ‘Eject’, even if you have a good card I see a good amount of users forget to reformat their card or forget to ‘Eject’ and they end up corrupting the SD thereby affecting performance as well.

So when you say upload the program (Temporary). I just go into that config file erase that command. Then upload it into the saber and when I am all done figuring the card then add that command back and upload once more. Correct.

Correct. You just want access to the Diagnostic commands to run sdtest. Otherwise, they use up a good amount of memory for something you won’t need during normal use.

Ok my average time to open files is

2912.69 us

Average speed 1485.54 kb/s

16.84 simultaneous audio streams.

That’s really good, so it doesn’t seem to be the SD card. Might need a video of what you’re talking about and post your config, perhaps you have a style that is meant to be glitchy and don’t realize it.

On a side note, maybe post the info on your SD card, make, model, where you got it, etc. I know a lot of users would benefit from better performing cards.

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The SD card was a Lexar micro v10 Hc1 L080459. I could barely read these numbers. I bought this from Amazon. I put my configure file all back as it should be reloaded the sd card and it is alot better only turned on twice with no sound and that was my TLJ Graflex font. It would play the font sound after you selct one but it sounded like a skipping record. Now it is flawless. Overall iam happy with it. I did alot with it and theres nothing going really wrong now. Thanks again! My computer isn’t sending my config right now says there’s too many characters or something I’ll post it soon. Also Is there a you said 1200 kbps and 12 simultaneous audio streams was good. If there’s a slot could you send me info on that thanks a ton!

Just use to share the config.

So everything is resolved now, you’re welcome.

This is noted in the Manual and also just from extensive use, when the SD card is too slow it bogs down the processor and the way the OS handles this creates lag in the visual effects as the sound is processed first, this is compounded when the visual effect uses the sound files to process the effects, like in auto timed (WavLen) ignitions or retractions or Audio based sounds. For optimal performance you want 1200 kbps read speed with 12 simultaneous audio streams or more, less than that will cause lag.