Solder Pad for Speaker + Gone, any work around?

Hey, I had a proffieboard come across my desk today with a Speaker + pad missing on both sides. Is there any way to still use this port or use another port and reprogram it? Or can I hook both leads up to the speaker - and get mono? The rest of this board works flawlessly, just no sound due to a missing pad on both sides. I tried to search for this type of issue but not finding any decent results.

The only way I know of to make it work is to hook up a small wire to the SP+ pad on the chip itself.
It’s fiddly, but it is possible.

Red arrows. The pins feed the pads that are closest to them. If you look, you can see the trace and could even scrape some mask away to make soldering to it easier.
9&10 in the schematic image.

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Holy moley this is incredibly helpful. I was looking at the schematic earlier and trying to figure out where the lead goes, but this is great - thank you! I am going to attempt this when I have time this week. I had already counted this board as dead when I saw it, but then all the rest of the stuff worked so well I figured I’d try something to solve this issue. Thank you again! I’ll come back with results as I usually do.

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Just wanted to chime back in. This worked, amazing. Thanks a bunch, prof and Brian. Props to you both.