So what do you see when you look at the T in the crucible?

Bonus points for drawing what you see instead of describing it. :slight_smile:

First thing I thought was a flux hammer.
Also can’t help but see a Mandalorian helmets visor.

Ok, stupid question: What’s a flux hammer?

No way I was drawing this.


Either Minecraft, or actual welding

Used in welding to remove the flux from a weldimage

What’s Minecraft?

Looks a bit like a silhouette of a drawing pin to me

To me I see a Mando visor.

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Something like this:


Is that… bascar! :scream:

You mean a… crucible?


It was either that or a floor lamp

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The piston bore side of a forged engine intake or exhaust valve.

A drum key!

I saw the mando visor

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Ahh, I see it now

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Cool. “Crucible - a situation in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new”

So is that it? It’s a front view of pouring molten stuff?

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That is in fact what I designed it to look like.
Only later did I realize how much it looks like mando’s helmet. :slight_smile:


“Remember… no disintegrations!”

“As you wish.”