Sneak Peek - "Style Modifiers" for ProffieOS6 - Invert, Compress, MirrorOut, MirrorIn and more

I’ve got another sneak peek at an awesome new feature for ProffieOS6. I’ve been working on these with Fredrik to bring even more options to style design. The idea behind them is like the “tool kit” in a graphics program where you can take an initial image (in this case a blade style) and then do all kinds of modifications to it to create even more unique and custom effects.

This is only the “tip of the iceberg” on what’s possible but here’s a few of the new modifiers coming:

  • Gradient Bump and SmoothStep

Think of these as a “Radial Gradient” or “Linear Gradient” tool in Photoshop. In OS 5 we were able to create faux gradients by layering multiple bumps or smoothsteps of varying sizes on top of each other, now we can achieve an even better gradient effect using the new functions in a single layer. Imagine the possibilities for clash, lockup, melt, lightning block and blast effects (wink, wink).

  • Compress

Take your full blade style and “Compress” it to create all kinds of unique effect.

  • MirrorOut

This function allows you to choose a center point (which can be fully responsive) and have the blade effect mirror itself out from the center. In OS 5 we were able to do a similar effect with Mix or multiple Layers but the styles (particularly Fire or Gradients) were off-center as they actually ran from the ends. With the MirrorOut function the style effects are actually generated from the Center.

  • MirrorIn

The inverse of MirrorOut, this function will mirror your effect from the tip or hilt to the center (which can be fully responsive).

  • Invert

And of course, we can Invert any style to have your tip and hilt trade places for styles, enabling a true Reverse Fire effect

And the absolute beauty of these new functions is you can combine multiple functions to further enhance and customize your styles.

The infinite possibilities for styles just got multiplied by your imagination :wink:

More to come…


Huge! A gradient that stays locked with the bump is something I was chasing a long time ago. And reversed Fire is a welcomed addition…oh the melts :wink:
Thanks to you both AGAIN for your work.

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Thanks, yeah I’ve been creating “faux” gradients for bumps, etc by layering different size bumps, but this will make it so much easier and you can add multiple colors/styles, you’re not limited to 2 or 3. I have “big” plans for this to take effects to another level :wink:
Having the Invert, Mirror and other options just opens a new level of detail we can add to all effects, already have a sick new Melt (and other effects) planned. This is only the first demo, I’ve been chasing a lot of really unique effects and they’re now possible with these modifiers so there’s a lot I have planned.

I can foresee these function styles working wonders for new clash animations, or lockup’s. This is super exciting.

With all of the new style capabilities coming in ProffieOS6 I wanted to give a little tease of some of what’s to come. The addition of the Style Modifiers, like Invert, Mirror and Compress capabilities is going to enable so much more detail and nuance to the styles and the new transition capabilities and other functions will let you do even more to really enhance your blade effects.
These are just a few “teases” of what will be possible, but there’s so much more potential.
I’m working on new enhanced Lockup, Melt and Lightning Block effects that will increase in “Intensity” the longer you hold them. To give more life and realism to the effects they will increase in intensity over time to mimic more energy being created and disbursed as they come into contact with your blade. In addition, I’ve punched up the Begin and End Lockup effects using some of the new capabilities to really up the feel.
I have a lot more planned but the new Lockup effects will have a larger power burst on impact that fades or absorbs into the responsive lockup location and the lockup will increase in intensity and instability the longer you hold it. Then when you release I’ve built new end effects to disburse the energy with a few new and improved Power Ripple Effects.
I’ve also applied a new Inverted Fire effect to Melt as the Intensity grows. Melt is still responsive to turning the hilt to increase the melt effect but the longer you hold Melt it will begin to give off a responsive Flame effect for even more detail to the effect.
Finally, I’ve added an Intensity effect to Lightning Block so the longer you block it the more concentrated the effect is towards the center of the blade while still maintaining the erratic nature of lightning.
These are just some examples, there is so much more possible with all the new capabilities.
More to come…

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I realized the previous video washed out the new fire effect on Melt so here’s a closeup to show the detail of the Melt going from heating up to Fire with sparks.


That melt looks great. Can’t wait to be able to use it

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these are great updates.