Sneak Peek - Rehearsal / Choreography Mode (Enhanced Battle Mode) for ProffieOS6

I’ve nearly finished the new “Rehearsal/Choreography” Mode for ProffieOS6 and thanks to Fredrik we’ve added even more functionality to it.

The new mode will allow you to create a choreo.ini file (one per font) either in Rehearsal Mode or separately on your computer and then saved to your SD which then controls the clash/lockup actions as well as the clash, bgnlock, lock and endlock sounds used during Choreography. The choreo.ini is a simple text file that has the choreograph sequence as well as the specific sound files played so that you can repeat your rehearsal exactly every time.

In Rehearsal Mode the saber is in standard controls so a regular clash is recorded or if you hold Aux and clash it records a lockup. The choreo.ini also records the randomly generated clash.wav and bgn/lock/end.wav sounds from rehearsal so they are repeated exactly in choreography.
Or you can edit the .ini file yourself and set up the order of the clash and lockup sounds to your liking.

Once you’ve saved a Rehearsal for your font you can enter Choreography Mode as often as you like and your clashes will produce the same sequence of clash and lockup events and play the same sounds for each. In addition, while in Choreography Mode your saber cannot be turned off by the Power button or Twist Off (if active). If you needed to turn your saber off during Choreography you can hold Aux and Power for a long hold. Once the choreographed sequence ends your saber returns to normal Battle Mode and your controls revert to normal.

For the demo I have spoken prompts (provided by Brian Conner) but you’ll be able to change these to character quotes or short music or any sound you want to signify the beginning and ending of each mode.

There’s still more work being done but we’re getting closer to Alpha Testing for ProffieOS6, I’m working with Fredrik to finish up the final pieces and get them submitted for his review, then he’ll set up Alpha testing once everything is up to his standards. Still a little longer, but it will definitely be worth the wait!


this is a fantastic feature!
I can think of so many people that will truly enjoy using this!

thank you for all your hard work in making the features you have brought to us!


Hey Fernando,

this choreography mode is amazing, can it be used as a means to choreograph multiple blaster enemies and does it only record the clash and lockups? it would be cool to see if this is possible as well.

great work buddy.

This records clashes and lockups, blasts don’t actually make an impact on the blade so there’s nothing to record or trigger but you can use Multi-Blast to have blast deflections on swings. And since clashes disable Multi-Blast you’d be able to continue your sequence after blocking a few blasts if you wanted. But you’d still need to activate the initial blast with Aux to go into Multi-Blast mode.

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