Sneak Peek / Proof of Concept - New Accelerating / Decelerating Ignition and Retraction Effects

I’ve been working Fredrik to get this working. Here’s a quick demo of new Ignition/Retraction effects for a future update that will let you have your blade accelerate or decelerate as it extends and retracts.
As opposed to the “fixed” speed application of effects like Trigger, this is a new Transition Effect that will let you set the time and a bend value to then have the ignition and retraction either start out fast and decelerate or start out slow and accelerate.
On top of that you can actually set the bend value to make the difference in the starting and ending speed be larger or smaller creating either subtle changes or really dramatic changes in speed for the effects.
This is just a simple demo of a few settings, the actual transitions will let you really dial in the effect for the speed and bend that you want.
Right now this is a “proof of concept” but this will be coming in a future update (most likely OS7) so keep an eye out :wink:


That deceleration on ignite…nice!

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I’ve added a SparkTip version now and just like yesterday’s version the new transitions will allow you to set up Ignition and Retraction effects that either begin slowly and then accelerate or begin quickly and decelerate over the ignition or retraction time.
There were a few questions about the demo from yesterday so I figured I’d show the transitions using WavLen to auto time to the in and out sounds from a couple of fonts. In addition to being able to set the ignition and retraction time or using WavLen you can also dramatically change the behavior by adjusting the “Bend” value in the transition so you can have a very subtle change in acceleration/deceleration all the way up to a really dramatic change based on the effect you’re wanting.
This is still just a demo of the effects, there is a ton of possibilities as these are new transition effects so they can be used for any effect you want beyond just ignition and retraction and you’ll be able to fully customize the spark color, timings, bend value and how you use it.
Still more to come…


Hey this is very cool. Looking forward to seeing what else you design.