Sneak Peek - ProffieOS7 QuickSelect - New Select Preset capabilities

Here’s a sneak peek of a new feature coming to my prop in OS7. There are two parts to this capability, the first is a new control which allows you quickly ignite your preset right from the Select Preset menu. While in the Select Preset menu you are able to use the hilt like a dial to rotate through all of your presets, when you get to the desired preset you can now hold the PWR button to both select and ignite that preset. This allows you to quickly rotate through all your presets and ignite with a single button hold.
The second capability will be enabled via a define FETT263_QUICK_SELECT_ON_BOOT, and will boot your saber in the preset select mode so that you can immediately rotate to any preset and then either select it by clicking PWR or select and ignite by holding PWR. This feature is on boot only, so the first time you apply power to your board, via kill switch, kill key or inserting the battery the saber boots up in the selection mode to make it very easy to select your desired preset. After you’ve selected your preset on boot, the saber returns to normal operation until you boot again, but you can always use the normal Select Preset controls.
This is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s in development for OS7, there’s so much coming be sure to stay tuned :wink:


this is a great feature. makes the select preset very easy.

looking forward to beta test OS7.

Cant wait, so i can play with it!