Sneak Peek - New "Interactive" Effects coming to ProffieOS6 - ThunderCats Sword of Omens Demo

I decided to put together a demo of some more of the new capabilities coming with ProffieOS6 with an 80’s classic. This blade style utilizes several new functions to create a “hyper responsive” base effect with a new “interactive” ignition effect. During ignition the blade “waits” for you to interact with it. In this application the blade will sit idle until you swing it, just like in the original cartoon, 3 swings will progressively increase your blade’s length. The blade is also running my new Shimmer effect so the faster and harder you swing the more the blade will shimmer with power. And after you’ve extended your blade fully there’s a bonus ThunderCats “signal” available on the 4th swing that will send up the Red Power surge to finish out your ignition. I’ve also added an “Eye of Thundera” at the base as an emitter effect to match the actual Sword of Omens with the “eye” able to be controlled via Twist, although we can add even more interactivity if we wanted.
This is just an example of what is possible, we’ll be able to make various Effects “interactive” and give them even more life and realism with all of the new functions and capabilities and I have a ton already “dreamed up” :wink:
There’s so much more, it really will be just a matter of your imagination for what will be possible!


this EXACTLY what I had asked about a year ago. you could set it up that the ignition could be interactive that you have to smack it 3 times to start it up.

I’m looking forward to this.