Sneak Peek - "Font Previewing / Matching / My Font" for ProffieOS6 Style Library PHASE 3

The “cat got let out of the bag” so I figured I’d just make this a “Sneak Peek”. I’ve begun development on PHASE 3 of my Style Library which will now include several new font capabilities to preview and match the styles with fonts.

  1. Font Preview - the new preview screen will allow you to use samples of various fonts and test how they work with the styles and effects as you build them in the library. These will be sample sounds (so not the full font just: preon, out, hum, in, swing, blast, clash, lock). Then when you find a font you like you can click the “Get This Font” icon to link to the font’s purchase/download site. I am working with the Proffie font makers to get any fonts they want added and categorized in the library so users to preview and link to.
  2. Font Matching - in addition, there will be “Match Font” option which will show only the matched fonts based on your current style. These are based on the styles the font makers recommend and/or think work best.
  3. My Font - finally, the Library will also let you load up samples of fonts you already have and see/hear them with the styles before uploading to your board. You can select from the available sounds and browse your computer to “load” them into the previewer. The sound files don’t actually get uploaded anywhere, they are used temporarily by your browser from their location on your computer. If you close the browser or leave the page they will need to be reloaded.
    This will let you preview the various styles with fonts you have to see how they work together, particularly for preon effects. All preon effects in the library auto-time themselves to the specific preon sound, so now you can load up your preon sound and see how the preon effect will look based on that sound.
    This is just a Sneak Peek, I still have a lot of work to do and I’ll be coordinating with the various font makers to get the fonts they want to preview into the library tool.
    For any font makers that I haven’t spoken to, you can reach out to me on theCrucible or via messenger and I can catch you up on how this will work and what you’ll need to be able to get your fonts set up for previewing.
    More to come…

This is pretty amazing.

Just an idea: Seeing as this section would be great exposure for font makers to get their products to the eye of the public, you might want to consider having them pay to be exposed in this area. It’s kinda like a billboard for exposure…you might as well capitalize on this and get some $ for it. Maybe have a set fee of $xx per font to be featured in this area…or even set up a separate patron so they can subscribe to have their fonts featured here for a xx period of time.

Again, its Just a thought. To all font makers, please dont throw stones at me for suggesting this! Its merely a suggestion, and all this hard work Fett puts into this community needs to pay off somewhere/somehow

Already in the plans :wink:

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Ha! I wondered if this type of thing would be the next step but wasn’t sure it was entirely doable. Awesome!!

*Ehhh, I don’t think its something Font Makers would be entirely against. It’s a new thing, let’s see what develops.

Interesting. Would you consider fan suggestions as well? For example, I paired your Black Panther inspired style with Juan Sith’s Tron, swapped out the colors to blue/red and it makes for a great match (IMO).

Unfortunately no, as the matching is done programmatically which takes time, trying to handle input from the community will quickly become un-wieldy, plus it becomes an “opinion” which we all know everyone has a different one. The original font maker will be identifying the style they want matched, this is true to their “vision”, but all listed fonts will be able to be previewed on any style via the other dropdowns, the “Match Font” is just a specific aspect to help both user and font maker.

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ATTN: Proffieboard Font Makers - join me Live Tuesday, 2/22 at 9:00pm

I’ve begun work on PHASE 3 of the ProffieOS6 Style Library which is adding an all-new Font Previewer / Font Matching capability. I wanted to try to answer questions from Font Makers and users as I begin the set up and implementation. I invite all Proffieboard Font Makers to join the me live this Tuesday, 2/22 at 9:00pm EST on my YouTube Live Stream via the chat and submit questions (or if you’re unable to attend you can message me ahead of time and I can answer). Users are welcome to join if they want a little sneak peek of what is coming.


@Fett263 9p EST or ???

I’d like to be able to watch this one live.


Because forever late to class.

Yes, 9pm EST

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Much appreciated.