Sneak Peek - Dual Mode Ignition Sounds for ProffieOS6

May the 4th Be With You!

I’ve actually been chasing this for a while but finally got it working with some help from Fredrik. For a while my library has had “Dual Mode” Ignition and Ignition Delay effects that allow you to have two different ignition speeds and/or delays based on whether your saber is pointing up or down. Now for OS6 we have support for matching sound effects. The new Dual Mode Ignition Sounds will allow you to set your fonts up to have two different speed out.wav sounds (or in the case of Crossguard sabers versions with or without the secondary ignition).
In order to use you’ll name the out.wav sounds odd (01,03,05,07, etc) and for pointing up and even (02,04,06,08) for pointing down. The saber will randomly select odd out.wav (out01.wav) files when your saber is up and even (out02.wav).
You can then choose to have fast or slow ignitions or delayed quillions or not or any other combination of ignition sounds to be used based on the orientation of the blade at ignition.
You’ll combine the new sounds with the existing Dual Mode ignition capabilities to give your saber even more control.
So much more to come but wanted to share!