Smuggler's Case for "Coaxium" Wink-Wink - My Saber Carry Case

I started this and another two builds over a year ago and had put it aside while I worked through other stuff. Now that I have a little more free time I got back to it. I used a spare DeWalt case I got with my Oscillating Tool, the other two cases are from Makita Drills. I’ll be documenting and sharing the process so far as well as images from along the way. Here’s the inspiration I am working from.


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look forward to seeing what you create :+1:

Thanks. @NoSloppy helped get me started yesterday on how I can animate the pixels I am using. I need to move this into the “zone” the pixels display the bump/wipe down to center on pixels 10 and 11 outwards since how I’m dong this is “different”. Also the code won’t shut off because it’s incomplete. When I turn the board off the animation keeps playing.

@NoSloppy @Fett263 @profezzorn any help you can reply with in helping straighten out the shortened code so it’s just the bump center at pixels 5 and 6 and wipes up a full blade would be perfect.< %20%20Red%2C %20%20TransitionLoopL<TrConcat<TrJoinR<TrWipe<100>%2CTrWipeIn<100>>%2CRotateColorsX<Variation%2CGreen>%2CTrJoinR<TrWipe<500>%2CTrWipeIn<500>>>>%2C %20%20TransitionLoopL<TrConcat<TrJoinR<TrWipe<800>%2CTrWipeIn<800>>%2CRotateColorsX<Variation%2CYellow>%2CTrJoinR<TrWipe<500>%2CTrWipeIn<500>>>>>&fbclid=IwAR2wQwXGlO5pTnpfJ2m7iqeq-_jFoidCLzuIU00FmkkRBXksM4CYoNYOXNI

The original setup I tried out, a 12v Acura floodlight board w LEDs.
Set it up to run off of a 9v battery but did not like how it got hot.

The initial testing for the electrics.

Short blade build.

Splitting the blade into two separate strips for the display screen.

What is it you’re trying to accomplish? It’s easier to sort out how to do something if you explain what you need it to do versus what isn’t working in my experience.
To turn off just add an InOutTrL<> layer after it.

Replied. :slight_smile:

If you post the style in triple-backquote it will look nicer and get linked automatically:


Never used /// so does it go before, after, both sides of the link?

or ///code///

Not slash, backtick: `
Three backticks before the code.
Three backticks after the code.
If you don’t do it will ask if you want to fix it or post anyways.

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Here’s the photo album so far starting with the Makita case I made for someone then mine.

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A preview of why I need to do a specific meter blade style, this is nice, but not what I am aiming for.

Got the case assembled and the LED strips setup better. Which display color style looks best?

Green Yellow Red.

Red and Yellow.

Red with white sparkle.

I’m having way too much fun with this idea. I went ahead and converted another Makita case.

I vote the green that turns red/yellow if you clash it, then settles back down .

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Me too, I’m still playing with how to place the wipe at the emitter, pixels 10 and 11 as the counterpoint. I need it to stay there. Same for the lockup bump, no movement. Just finished up the electrics on the bigger case, now onto the sound font pack.
Anyone got a good beep bloop beep flight deck computer room ambiance font to share?


I feel like that needs a pulsing whoosh sound for the engines.

Kyberphonic has a track called trainingroom_ambiance.wav as part of the ANH Flex soundfont. He just released an update to the package too.

I’ll have to check that out. Here’s the latest update.

@NoSloppy @profezzorn What are the MINIMUM fonts I need to run as active versus silent to prevent the LED’s from slowing down? I’ll try to get a video later but basically with just running a font that’s silent for almost everything and then the alarm for beginning lockup, lockup, with the blast as the end lockup I am seeing the yellow sparkles slow down or even stop frozen on the blade. I don’t see any issue in my code here Galactic Smuggler's Case Display Meters -

A monophonic font would read less from the SD card than a polyphonic / smoothswing font.
However, a faster SD card might also help.
Since your config is small, you could try enabling optimization in arduino to make things run faster.

More ideas: Speeding things up · profezzorn/ProffieOS Wiki · GitHub

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I already am on Mass Storage, SDCARD (SPI), 80MHz. Thanks for the reminder because the overclocking and reformatting the SD may also help.

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