Smooth Swing V2

Hello, I have a question about Smooth Swing V2. Does there have to be a folder with the sound files: swngNNN.wav on the SD card for the Smooth Swing V2 to be active? So a real folder with these swngNNN.wav files, like the Swingh or Swingl folder? Sorry, I didn’t understand that correctly. I’m still relatively new to the Proffieboard V2.2

Correct. The swngNNN.wav files are for the accent swings.

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swng are optional for smoothswing.
swingl and swingl are not.


I already understood that if you swing the saber very quickly the “swng” file is used. Of course I’ve already experimented with that. But I haven’t found a soundfonds yet on my Proffie v2.2 and also for download where there is a folder called “swngNNN”. I have the feeling that it works for me if I rotate my sabers 360° several times.

The folder would be called swng, with files labled swngNNN that replace the NNN with numeric values lin it ike swng01, swng02…it’s something for a standard to go up to swng16.

Otherwise the swngNNN files will be in the root directory if they exist, or they may be absent with just the swingl and swingh present.

I suspect you know this. Maybe your fonts just don’t have accent swings, which is fine and often happens with older fonts, free fonts, homebrew stuff…


Ok ! You explained it well to me, thank you. Of course I have a folder like that and it works well, I just wanted to know why these letters “NNN” are in the operating instructions. Thank you

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Yeah, N for Number.

When I write things like that, I would generally have expressed it as “swng###”, where # is the number in numerical order, i.e: “swng01 … swng99”, or “swng001 … swng999”, numerical order without any gaps.


Thanks, I got it. I just didn’t know that N stood for numbering. It’s great that I got such great help from you. I map “swng01…” to my “SwingH/Swingl” files based on my hearing. However, I didn’t know what “NNN” meant when I read the instructions for OS7. I don’t speak English well and I translate everything. thank you all