Skip to First Preset Whim

I tend to load up the correct character-specific soundfont as the first font on any install, so it occurred to me it might be nice to have a button press to skip back to that first preset from whichever preset you happen to be on at the time…

So I tried this in the prop:

#if NUM_BUTTONS == 2
// 2 button: First Preset
    if (!mode_volume_) {
    return true;

But the system doesn’t recognize first_preset, so it throws a compile error.

Is there an easy way to do this? No drama if not - I was kinda just curious.

Try SetPreset(0, true);

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I have this built into the Scroll Presets menu in my OS7 Prop :wink:

  • NEW! Scroll Presets (using twist menu) = Hold AUX
    • Turn Right = Next Preset
      • Increment by 5 = Hold PWR + Turn Right
    • Turn Left = Previous Preset
      • Increment by 5 = Hold PR + Turn Left
    • Click PWR = Select Preset
    • Click AUX = go to First Preset

See Controls for 1 or 2 Button:

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Thanks so much guys. :pray:
Prof, that line worked a treat, so that’s one that will be in all my builds going forward. :smiley:
And thanks too Fernando. I knew your prop had the rotate to click through fonts, but I didn’t realise it also had the skip-to-home font thing (if that’s a fair way to describe it). I guess I should know by now that if a feature is possible, your prop already does it! :slight_smile:

Yup, I realized early on being able to quickly scroll through presets would cause users to “get lost” if they had too many presets, so the Aux button “reverts” to the first preset. This type of “revert” is built throughout all menu modes in my prop to make it easy and intuitive.