Size of 0805 capacitor for BT

I’m about to make a build with a Proffie 2.2, NPXL, OLED, and a BT-909 module. I will power it with the MOSFET #6, but I see that I still have to put a capacitor between GND and 3.3v. My problem lies in that I simply can not find a SMD 0805 Cap with 47uF, everything tops out at 10uF. Even DigiKey lacks one in that size and combination. I do have extra space, so I can put an electrolytic bipolar capacitor and put the capacitor on the underside of the board. Is the 47uF-100uF the right size? Can I use the electrolytic instead?

This search looks like plenty of options?

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Regrettably I’m not in the USA. Actually I’m in a very backwater country where procuring anything from abroads may take months. So, if I could use a bipolar electrolytic capacitor, it would be great. If not, thanks to your pointer, I will have to try to procure the smd capacitors from Digikey and defer the installation of the BT modules for a few months down the line.

Could someone just… send you some? They aren’t going to be expensive and postage wouldn’t be ridiculous. I’m not US based though.

I will send them to a friend who usually travels back and forth. But you can’t use the mail for anything if you want your package to actually arrive. So, I will get it, but will take a while. Doesn’t matters, then. I will just install without the BT and retrofit at a later date. It’s not a terrible rework. I will actually pre tin the contacts on the board, and solder everything but the MOSFET line. That way it won’t be powered but once I get the capacitor I will just have to put it into place, heat the pads and then solder the final wire.

You could always just wire the bluetooth power to a switch.

I have no place to put it on the chassis that merges nicely with the aesthetics. So, I will leave it “mostly” installed. So I can finish the installation when I get capacitors.