Sith Lord MPP

Will have a Proffie 2.2, accents out the wazoo and an OLED per the chassis.

I’ve not started the wiring yet but the chassis is now prepped, polished and weathered and darkened.

I went with nickel bronzed shells, Grey PLA for board and speaker holders, bronze chamber ends and brass chamber center.

Here is where we are so far:


You do know you can post images directly in the forum, right? :slight_smile:

I do but these were too large

I wonder if there is a way for the forum to resize them automatically when you upload them. The forum doesn’t really need super-large images, but the limitation is kind of a pain in the butt.

Hmm, the forum is supposed to be able to resize images, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I will have to take another look at it later.

Tried to test, dragged a 471kb, 1920x1080 .jpg here, got an errer msg: “Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 2048kb). Why not upload your large file to a cloud sharing service, then paste the link?”


This isn’t the right place to debate this, I’m going to create a thread specifically about image uploads in The Crucible.

@verity that looks simply amazing!
I need something like that in my life. Not cheap by the looks of it.


All said and done the Sith Lord chassis sets you back around $500 USD.

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who’s the vendor and do they do other sabers? e.g. mace windu, is it shapeways? how much clean up is required?

The chassis is made by Goth-3Designs on shapeway. He has many chassis for many different hilts

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So yes and yes. It’s nice

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@Verity there used to be a way I could clip/cheat Flickr and GoogleImage line code to let me paste large images into a forum post and then the forum resize worked. Basically you could then click the image in the forum to temporarily make it full size.

I’ll take a look when I have a chance and see if it’s possible for ya.

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Test. I’m on mobile. Someone try to click the image and lmk if it enlarged. I just put the link to the image from post 1, took the direct link and added the [img]//CODEBREAK[(putbackslashhere)img] brackets.

Verity made his post at a time when the forum didn’t handle large images correctly yet.

That worked. I like it. Did you just put the image url in square brackets?

@profezzorn, yes I know you can handle large image uploads now but for multiple forums sometimes it’s easier to put the image on a hosting site so I’d love to know how to do linier images similar to the bbcode img tags here just as a know-how thing.

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So, I haven’t tested things a lot, but so far I just stick the URL for the image in the post and it works.
The forum claims it supports bbcode, markdown and html, so I think those methods should work too.

Some testing… (I went to postimg and selected all of the possible sharing options and pasted into a single post…)

Link: (no formatting)

Direct link:


Github markdown:

Thumbnail for forums:

Thumbnail for websites:

Hotlink for forums:

Hotlink for websites:

“hotlink for forums” seems to be the best one, as that creates a full-screen image that is clickable and links to the postimg page.

“direct link” is also pretty good. It links to a larger version of the image, which might be even better than linking to the page.

This thread might help:

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