Site slow

I’m getting very long wait times for pages to reload and or navigate etc. Maybe just a side effect of a small private server?
I received “server is too busy” error when trying to search, and then this

It’s gotten progressively slower for me over the last few weeks.

There seems to be two things going on making the server slow:

  1. The server is a “virtual” server, and it’s storage is a SCSI-over-ethernet server cluster which is shared between many servers. Either it’s become more busy lately, or they are performing maintenance on it.
  2. It seems like the database the crucible runs on gets slower over time. However, it is possible to defragment it, which makes it faster again. Unfortunately that takes the server offline for a little while, but it seems that I will need to do that.
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Hmm, further investigation indicates that it’s a CPU time problem, not a disk speed problem… Running a site discourse update seems to have made things speedier, but I’m not sure if it is temporary or not.

Marked improvement today.