Single button lockup difficulty (help for a new user)

Hey everyone - working on getting my first Proffie board going and I’m having a hell of a time getting the 1-button lockup function to work. I’m using Fett263’s prop file and I’m holding the button and clashing, but all it usually wants to do is initiate multi-blaster mode (which I really don’t want most of the time). If any of you kind souls can help me out, I’d be much appreciative. Let me know what all I need to post/share for any troubleshooting you might be able to offer.

Thanks so much.

mysaber_config.h (65.3 KB)

Config file attached.

Try turning your clash threshold down to like 5.0 and see if that helps.

I concur, your CLASH_THRESHOLD_G is a bit high, try lowering it.

You can also comment out the ToggleMultiBlast(); line in my prop if you don’t want to use (OS7 will have a disable define for this).

You’ll just add // in front of the line in my prop here:

        if (menu_ || CheckShowColorCC()) return true;
        return true;


        if (menu_ || CheckShowColorCC()) return true;
        return true;

This will remove Multi-Blast from hold PWR and swing.

Thanks. I actually turned it down using edit mode after I posted this but it still doesn’t seem to help.

How long before the lockup can I start holding the power button? Does it have to be at the exact moment of the clash or is there a window of time beforehand? Maybe I’m just not timing things correctly.

The button has to be held before the clash is detected, if you hold after the clash then it won’t register. If you’re swinging you’ll want to press the button down at least a moment before clashing.

Are you able to replicate a clash with the same shock when your button isn’t pressed?

Yes. Clashes work fine.

Thank you for this. I’ll try commenting out the multi-blast from the prop file to test. Maybe I’m one of the few people with a single-button proffie and it’s some weird edge-case conflict.

Single button is a bit of a PITA in my opinion. There’s too many features on Proffieboard for just one button so some controls are more challenging. Finding the edge between swinging, holding the button down and clashing can take some practice.
You can also just go to Battle Mode 2.0 for your lockups, this will let the saber initiate a clash or lockup based on how hard you hit, this takes the holding the button out of the equation and uses clashes and gestures to start and end lockups. You might find it easier (with practice).

Thank you so much for all the replies. I’ll look into this as well. Should there be an audio confirmation when entering battle mode? I tried 3 clicks and then a click and hold but couldn’t tell if it did anything ( I think that’s the right combo.)

Sort of related: is there a way to define which blast sounds get triggered when single, double, or triple clicking? My Spaceballs soundfont has some longer blast noises with quotes that I only want to trigger occasionally.

If you have bmbegin.wav that will play, otherwise a force sound will play when entering Battle Mode. If you don’t get either you may be doing wrong, hold the button down on the 3rd click.

Blast sounds are selected at random, quotes are played sequentially in my prop if you use quote player. You can’t select specific sounds.

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Thank you again - both for this conversation as well as the incredible contributions you’ve made to the hobby. I wouldn’t have considered getting a Proffie board had I not discovered how many useful tools and presets you’ve created on your site.

Seriously awesome stuff. I’ll try to remember to donate or join your Patreon (I assume you’ve got one) later today, but I really should try and get back to sleep for a bit. Woke up at 4:00 for no reason and now it’s after 5:00 :rofl:

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You’re welcome, enjoy.
Yes, I have a patreon linked in the library if you’re so inclined. Thank you.