Silver Blade turning yellow/orange on swings

Sorry if this is not the thread to put this question in –

I have an Ahsoka pre-set. I’m using a simple/audio Flicker 75% silver color for the Primary Blade. There are no force/swing effects set. All the blaster and clashes and such are all very basic and the color I selected was “blue” (the sequel pre-set for light cyan was too light).

I’ve noticed the blade appears to change to a yellowish/orange color after swinging it a few times or doing a lock up effect. If i turn off the blade and reignite, the silver color comes back.

The blade is a 36" 7/8th with 130 pixels. I don’t see this effect on any other pre-set or color.

Assuming it’s not a trick of the eye, it’s probably because the battery isn’t strong enough.
(Or possibly the wiring.) What kind of battery do you have?

I see this happen from time to time too…but it all depends on what type of blade/saber it is (how its made).

I find the lesser quality LGT made blades/sabers are the biggest culprits of “Yellowing” on a silver/white color preset.

but yes, also when the saber is starved for power (battery is weak)…the colors shift a bit.

Thanks for the reply Brother! Honestly, I’m not sure about the wiring because I bought this saber from the Pach Store (It’s an Ultimate Works w/ Proffie Installed). The saber is only a few months old. The battery is Lithium Ion battery that can be removed form the proffie chasis and recharged separately. Pach store actually sent me a USB plug battery charger.

I’ve fully charged the battery and still note the yellowing. I’ve also just let the blade idle hum (no swings) and it keeps its silver hue.

Thought/Idea: Does the preset have a bright swing function? Try changing that line to a different value or write and see if it goes away.

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When the battery is fully charged, I note the yellowing less. I think the saber just has a problem with white/silver blades drawing too much energy from the battery. All my other presets/blade styles work fine with no degradation of color.

BTW, love your fonts. Great work!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Another thing to try, is to make sure you’re using a decent battery (15A). You did mention it was Li-Ion…but i find that 10A batteries sometimes doesnt cut it when doing bright white blades.

Do you know how I can purchase the 15A for an Ultimate Works saber? I checked their website and they do not have any listed for sale.

I believe they use unprotected batteries with a separate protection circuit. You’d need to check with them.

Sorry to jump back into this from last month. Coming back to you from an earlier question about yellowing on silver/white blades. Thinking it’s a battery issue as the battery even when fully charged now seems to have very little power (blade dims and the yellowing is even more pronounced only after a few minutes of use).

Do you have any suggestions on sellers that have high quality lightsaber batteries?

I’m waiting for Pach store to get back to more regarding whether or not the saber batteries Ultimate Works uses is proprietary.

I seem to remember hearing they use non-button top because of the chassis design?
Might have been Sabertrio though.