Sieismic Charges

hello everyone. I finally got my config working. only one blade style is not working correctly. the preon effect doesn’t work. I have redone the style a few times, I even changed the config blade length and use a different blade length to see if it that was the reason, but it remains the same. I will attache a Pastebin link of my config file

So which one has the problem?

Seismic charges

Does the font in the “Seis” directory have a preon sound?

Yes. It has an entire folder. I have Dendo’s font.

Does it play the preon sounds when you turn on the blade?
If you run the effects command in the serial monitor, does it show that it found the preson sounds?

this is how my font folder looks like.

the Preon doesn’t play when Ignite the saber, the font says “Preon Silence”.

The folder is named incorrectly, it has to just be “preon” AND the preon files can only be named “preon01.wav”, “preon02.wav”, etc. or they will not work.

Thank you Master I shall fix the files. I won’t horn you of my progress once I get home after work