Side Blades Aren't Delayed?

Hello all! I purchased a cross guard lightsaber, but unfortunately, I found that it was programmed as a one blade, so I made a new config and uploaded it which it had all different types of ignition and retraction delays for my side blades including the standard, responsive and dual mode. None of them work no matter the angle up or down and have no delay at all. In Arduino when I verify the config they show no errors. I’ve attacked my config on pastebin here: Crossguard_config.h -

Are you sure the blades are wired separately? Try these 3 styles as a preset to see if the blades are actually separate.


If one blade is Red, one is Green and one is Blue then we have to figure out why delay isn’t working. If all 3 blades are the same color then they’re wired together and delay won’t work.


Darn. Thank you for helping me out! It turns out they are wired together. At least I can close the book on this, I was confused for 2 days now.

You’re welcome, glad you were able to figure it out.

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You could re-wire them, depending on how comfortable you are with soldering and such.

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Would sub-blades get delay working?

Only if the blades were wired in series but then they’d need some kind of return line from last pixel of side blade, my expectation is all three blades are just parallel based on above test so SubBlade would appear on main blade too.