Show off your personal hilt!

Here’s mine. Purge survivor that made it out of the temple along with his Padawan and a few non-Jedi personnel and now they work as a team. He was part of a small group of Jedi that were more combat/spec-ops orientated and trained to use the Force in more subtle ways rather than big acts of ability.


Your sabre look great, love the extra details you put in.
Did you use acrylic paint for the weathered look?
I’m considering doing some weathering to my hilt when I finally get round to machining it up😁

Yeah, I dinged it up with sand paper, needle files etc, threw the empty down the drive a few times, then dry brushed black and burnt umber acrylic mixin the crevices and scratches. It does wear off, but you can reapply easily and it adds some layers of weathering to it.

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These are my babies.

I actually was, going to upgrade my staff but found out I can’t so I gifted it to my kids.

My wife is going to get me a new saber.

That thing is a beast! Why can’t you upgrade it?

it’s a lgt saber with coupler but it’s a gen 1. so the spacing is not right for the ecoswing kits. so I could buy the kit but the holes won’t line up. that’s my beater so i’m not going to proffie it up. I could modify but I don’t have the skills for it plus I kind of destroyed my sons saber so in recompense I gave him this old one. I’m gonna have 3 proffie saber by my birthday so I’m good.

I just replied in the Unicorn Saber thread, but here’s mine.

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@ astromech

Is that what I think it is? Did you mod the end of the Flagship? NICE!
Love me a nicely done KR. I miss the KRS4, have one on it’s way for a build now.

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It’s a Flagship with the pommel lopped off. I used steel netting to make my own pommel using what was left with the screw in bit.


So did I. It’s a great saber very nice etching.