Should we have a photo/video category?

I’m doing some hacking to make it possible to upload HDR videos to youtube from linux. I can keep all that stuff in the off-topic area on “hacks”, but if there is interest from more people, I could create a category for stuff like that.

SInce many saber users also upload to youtube, I figure there might be some interest.

  • I would browse a Photo/Video category.
  • I might post in a Photo/Video category.
  • I have no interest in Photo/Video

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Maybe we can also cover how to take photos/videos of lightsabers… :slight_smile:


So if we should have a Photo/Video category, can anybody think of a better name than “Photo/Video” ? :slight_smile:

Maybe “imageneering”, a mix of “images” and “engineering”, and also a nod to Disneys Imagineering department which of course is a contraction of “imagination engineering”.

The subtext would be something like “Photo, Video & Holograms”.

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The only one I can think of would be “visual imagery”

Seems redundant. I mean, is there such a thing as touch imagery? smell imagery?
I think it’s important that the category name and it’s subtext makes it clear that it’s not a place for posting images, it’s a place to discuss the process of creating and/or displaying images.

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Yes it is rather redundant.
Looks like I’m a little out of my depth with what you are trying to create. I only muck about with image manipulation mostly.
I’m sure something will come up though.

“Visual stuff”

For now I’m just calling it “Images”. (boring, I know…)
I can always rename it later if need be.

I vote yes.

“Holodeck” or the hologallery

Optical Arts?