Setting Up a Blade Style to Color Change the Main Blade between only Two Colors

I’ve seen in some videos installers setting up a “color change direct” on a single preset to allow a blade to cycle between only two colors when color change mode is entered. All the other presets on the same saber use the normal color wheel in color change mode.

I’d like to use this behavior on a single preset, but cannot find a good explanation of how to add this to a blade style built using Fett263’s style editor. I do have the color change direct define, but I know that simply cycles through the defined COLOR_LIST in Fett263’s prop file. I have found Fett263’s video instructions from a while back, I believe the OS3 days, and I tried using that by replacing the main blade color arg with ColorChange<>, and the two colors I want to cycle between wherever the main blade color arg appears in the style. However, I get many errors, so I come to you fine people to see how I can accomplish this. Thanks in advance.

Use the Dual Phase Style Builder and choose “Dual Phase - Original Color Change” type. The library will build the style correctly for you.

Thank you. I really should read these things better. I looked at that section of the style editor and didn’t think it was what I wanted. If I had read the description, I would have realized it was what I wanted. Thanks again.

You’re welcome, no worries the library has a TON of capabilities its easy to get lost.